Scuola Genitori_sala

School for parents

Generational and cultural changes call for a deeper involvement on behalf of parents in the education of their children and for an emergent need for support and comparison.

Our goal is to work with parents and help them deal with the arduous task and responsibility of bringing up a child; to redefine the concept of education as a mean to get to know each other, have faith in the future, and allow children to become citizens of the world.

We can meet this goal by guaranteeing  that all of our teachers, who are sensitive to the matter and have been well prepared to answer any questions, will always be available to listen. 

The school for parents is offered to our community.

We owe our children the opportunity to become the best they can possibly become by making them aware of how valuable they are and by teaching them to take chances, to rely on themselves and on their own imagination, and to understand their purpose in life.

Wayne W. Dyer

In honor of its 20 years of service Doremi took the School for Parents to Milan, in partnership with CPP in order to launch their ambitiuos project, already active in other cities.

Their goal is to allow families to learn from each other, everywhere, and to support experts in the field of educational psicology in Italy.